Looking back at the last couple of years since we released “Pump Down!!!”, its hard to believe that Moveknowledgement managed to make a new record so soon. With half of us on the road most of the time and the other half immersed in other projects, getting together for lengthier periods of time and completing anything has become difficult. Fortunately our experience working together has made the process easier and more fun. We knew what we wanted and didn’t spend months perfecting the arrangements or trying out the material live. We wrote a lot of the songs in one single session and hurried into the studio so that we don’t complicate things and mess them up. The songs on See are longer, more relaxed and less complicated then on previous records. They’re basically techno arrangements, repetitive loops that keep building up in emotion as they roll on. I put a lot of my frustrations and anger into the lyrics and the delivery to match the intensity of the band. Not until post-production did we realise how ambitious some of the tracks are, and we spent a lot of time working on the final orchestration.  It took us a long long time to learn how to make this music and I’m really proud of the final result. Its my favourite Moveknowledgement record.

Thanks a billion to Jizah at Beton Records, to Jure Vlahovič and Jernej Černalogar for their patience in the studio, and to the band for being amazing musicians.

You know the rest, listen on Bandcamp, check out the lyrics, support us by buying a download or cd (yes, we actually have physical distribution!), come to a show and spread the word. Looking forward to playing the new tracks for you all!