This week marks the end of another long creative journey with director Mare Bulc who I had the pleasure of working with in his epic “Gremo vsi!” This time I joined a group of different artists in staging the book “Novo mesto” by Miran Jarc. Since many of us grew up in Novo mesto and have a personal love-hate relationship with it’s culture and history, the process ended up being much more about us than the book. What first appeared to be a mind numbingly boring task turned into a fun experience and bizarre show. I have nothing but respect for Mare’s way of creating performances, which sometimes remind me more of Stewart Lee’s deconstructed comedy shows than actual theatre. We gave the show a test run last night and I had a great time performing, even though I don’t actually get to do any of the stuff I’m good at.


photo: Sunčan Stone

We’ll be playing two more gigs in Ljubljana’s Glej theatre this weekend before moving to Anton Podbevšek theatre in Novo mesto on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd May. Get tickets!

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