It’s been a while since I played a solo gig in Slovenia – the reason being that I’m working on new stuff that I want to finish before hitting the stage. Besides new music I’ve also been working on my live performance, modifying and expanding my technical gear with the help of my long time collaborator Igor Vuk. This summer we got the chance to use Layerjeva hiša in Kranj as a workshop and we decided to go all the way with it.

Today putting together a live act is easier than ever – you just plug in a midi-controller into your laptop and you’re ready to go. There are dozens of affordable gear options and anybody can learn to use it, the only problem is that most live performances end up looking exactly the same: a guy staring into his macbook and twisting some knobs in front of him. I want my live show to be an extension of how I feel my music – an act of personal communication, not a glossy corporate presentation of my “product”. I don’t want a slick touchscreen experience, I want big buttons and knobs that make loud noises, I want goofy looking socialist era machines, blinding strobe lights and guitar feedback. Me and Igor scavenged the junkyard and came to the workshop with a bunch of old appliances, then converted them into controllers and lights. I am absolutely amazed at how Igor managed to make everything work, his creations ended up being exactly what I had in mind. My favourite bit is the noise guitar, a combination of Makoto Kawabata’s guitar neck (once launched at Zana’s head after being burned and smashed on stage at an Acid Mothers Temple show in Tokyo) and a Micronoise instrument made by Theremidi Orchestra which reacts to light.

Now my job is to learn how to actually use all of this equipment and develop my show with it. Of course my first attempt will be in the beautiful Stolp Škrlovec in Kranj where it all started, then I’m moving the show to Ljubljana where we’ll be trying out the industrial and experimental vibe in Cirkulacija. You are welcome to join the party and be the first test bunnies of our experiment.


Sobota, 5. september, ob 21:30 v Stolpu Škrlovec, Kranj (v sklopu festivalov Kamen, škarje in pa pir in FilmMixer)

Četrtek, 10. september, ob 22:00 v prostorih Cirkulacije 2, Tobačna, Ljubljana