tour flyer dates

Next week I’ll be taking a short trip around Germany and Czech Republic. In Munich and Hamburg I’ll be playing alongside my Slovenian comrades Koala Voice and Your Gay Thoughts, then breaking off to the Czech part of the tour in some of my favourite venues. I’ll be trying out new songs as well as my new gear, the noise guitar and light show, so be there!

  • 22.9.2015 Munich – Glockenbachwerkstatt
  • 23.9.2015 Hamburg – Reeperbahn festival
  • 25.9.2015 Pilsen – Basking fest
  • 26.9.2015 Prague – Klubovna
  • 27.9.2015 Češke Budejovice – Mighty Bar Velbloud
  • 28.9.2015 Jihlava - Music Club Bezvědomí
  • 29.9.2015 Brno – Bajkazyl
  • 30.9.2015 Ostrava - Maryčka, Dolní Vítkovice